Hello my name is Miss Gillingham. Please join me as I travel to Greece to study the dolphins of the Amvrakikos Gulf!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Before Greece

Only 2 days before I head out to Greece in search of Dolphins. Although I have been to Greece before, this will be a brand new area and an entirely new adventure. We will be working at a research station in a village called Vonista on the Amvrakikos Gulf. Look on the left of the map where the Ionian Sea is, you will notice the title Ionian Islands and beside it a small gulf of water; that's where I'm heading.

The researchers there are studying Bottlenose Dolphins and their ecosystem (what they eat and what might affect them) and I have been asked to keep this blog. That way I can show you all the great things I am learning about (and you can help me make sense of it all). For example, I'm already lost on some key words I have found in the articles they have given me such as cetacean and philopatry. Help! I also need to look up the various organisms I might see so I can identify them. The first is the Bottlenose Dolphin

(Ok - really cute) but the others I need to look up: European Pilchard, Sardinella and Zooplankton. They must be important as they are mentioned several times; I wonder why? I also heard there may be turtles - I love them! Well back to my reading...and packing. Keep in touch and let me know what you think.


  1. I love turtles too! Grab a photo I'd you see one out there and good luck! Can't wait to read about your adventures and proud to be your first follower xox

  2. Dear Miss Gillingham,
    I can't wait to follow your exciting adventures in Greece!
    Thank you so much for telling me! I hope you have lots of fun and see lots of dolphins (and turtles!).
    Wishing you lots of luck

  3. Welcome aboard Matt and Tamara! Thank you for taking a look.

  4. Hi Kimberley, I missed your blog when it was 'live' but am really enjoying catching up. Your photos are fantastic and its good to learn about groups like Earth watch (as well all the issues effecting fish and therefore dolphins) There's alot I hadn't thought of before now. Thank you!

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