Hello my name is Miss Gillingham. Please join me as I travel to Greece to study the dolphins of the Amvrakikos Gulf!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet the team

Our second day out in the Amvrakikos Gulf with no luck yet of finding bottlenose dolphins and yet we remain optimistic. How could you not? The weather is gorgeous, as is the sea. Each morning, we get to board an inflatable raft and race across the golf, at times flying over the waves and at others soaring across the smooth surface. And let's face it, finding wildlife at the best of times is not easy, especially when they live underwater. There is no jumping and splashing calling us over only the arch of their dorsal fin which can be easily hidden by the waves.

Today however, with the water being a 1 on the Beaufort scale; do you remember what that means? Joan decided to follow a transect. Basically, this means that the gulf has been divided into different routes, this ensures that all the gulf will be checked for dolphins and not only specific areas. This is what the map looks like

We headed to the dot marked C, using a GPS system and followed the line, then we went to D, E and finally F.

Our key spotter Sho, who has found all sorts: our first dolphin sighting, sea turtles, birds and even goats, sat near the front on the left with me behind then Ioannis. Lyn covers the back, Joan drives, directs, plans and covers everywhere and Barbara covers the right.

No area is left unsupervised. Perhaps the dolphins are just toying with us and will soon come out to "play". What do you think? Let's keep fingers crossed (oh go on: legs and toes too) maybe tomorrow I'll have more to report.

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